Managing Director Jochen Rabe is leaving KWB

In best mutual agreement with KWB’s shareholders and supervisory board, Jochen Rabe will step down as the Managing Director of KWB on May 31, 2023. As a professor at the Einstein Center Digital Future, he took over management of KWB in 2020 and brought his extensive expertise in sustainable urban development, digitalisation, and innovation management in a profitable way.

"We have achieved a lot together in recent years, and I see KWB as being very well equipped for the future. We have a portfolio of excellent and significant projects, such as our EU Green Deal projects, which seek and present important solutions for many future topics. KWB is on a very solid economic footing and can pursue urgent research topics within the water cycle in a more self-determined and strategic way. Through the work of its wonderful staff, KWB has gained further visibility and importance in Berlin and beyond. It means a lot to me that I was able to participate in this, and I wish KWB a successful future from the bottom of my heart." - Jochen Rabe

"In recent years, KWB has shown very successful development in various fields of activity, as evidence, for example, by the focus area of digitalisation. As shareholders and the supervisory board, it is important to us that water remains the visible focus of KWB - and that the existing expertise is maintained, strengthened, and made accessible for the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The shareholders and supervisory board thank Mr. Rabe, who has successfully shaped the development of KWB. We wish him all the best for his future professional development as well as personally." - Prof. Dr. Christoph Donner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KWB and CEO of Berliner Wasserbetriebe, on behalf of the KWB shareholders

Jochen has navigated KWB through the uncertain and challenging times of COVID over the past 3 years, restructured management and numerous internal processes, and completely modernised and redesigned KWB’s external communications. He provided important impetus and direction in business operations. The results of research projects have been translated into new products and services and positioned in national and international markets.

The KWB staff thanks Jochen for his ideas, work, and commitment and will miss him as Managing Director and colleague. We wish him success in his new tasks and areas of influence.

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