POWERSTEP Deliverable D5.4: Technology dossiers to apply for ETV certification and guidelines

The ETV programme is designed to provide an independent validation of the performance claims of technology suppliers by a qualified third party called “ETV verification body”. The "Statement of Verification" delivered at the end of the ETV process can be used as evidence that the claims made about the innovation are both credible and scientifically sound. With proof of performance credibly assured, innovations can expect an easier market access and/or a larger market share and the technological risk is reduced for technology purchasers. In the POWERSTEP project, 2 technologies were finally chosen after a section process (“quick scan”), Drum filters for primary treatment of raw wastewater (supplied by the company “Veolia Water Technologies Sweden – Hydrotech”) and the Biomethanation process for conversion of biogas or CO2 into biomethane, using a proprietary biocatalyst and reactor configuration (supplied by the company “Electrochaea”). The report summarizes the how the quick scan was carried out to select the above mentioned technologies, feedback from the two companies of the overall ETV process and their experiences as well as general feedback and recommendation to improve the ETV process in general from the POWERSTEP project point of view. It has to be mentioned that until the end of the POWERSTEP project (30th of June) the ETV verification process is not finished in both cases, so no results or feedback on the outcomes can be presented in this report.

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