TestTools: Rapid Test Schemes for the Assessment of TrOC Removal from Wastewater

In the scope of the project a set of tools is to be developed providing for the rapid (within one month) and inexpensive prediction of the efficiency of technical and natural TrOC removal schemes. The so-called “TestTools” consist of suitable lab tests and parametric modelling. They facilitate the prediction of TrOC elimination degrees depending on different water qualities and the related expenditures. They will be calibrated in pilot trials in Berlin and validated in comparison with pilot results obtained in other regions of Germany.

KWB will be responsible for the method development with regard to the ozone applications. To this end, methodological lab tests are proposed which will be validated by means of > 15 WWTP effluents. The test system is supposed to both simplify the prediction of ozone-related TrOC elimination and also, through specific tracer selection, to allow the modelling of substances which have been not determined analytically in the lab test. Specific tests will facilitate the rapid classification of emerging substances. The test system will be designed as a two-stage scheme, whereas the second step will provide for an in-depth analysis and help to quantify the bromate formation.


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