Research Projects

  • SEMA-Berlin 2 -Support of Sewer Inspection and Investment Strategies by means of Deterioration Models

    Advancement of selected model approaches for rapid and exact sewer condition prediction

    SEMA-Berlin enters the second…

  • Hydraulics of Artificial Groundwater Recharge under Changing Climatic Conditions in Berlin (HYDRA)

    Untersuchung der Folgen des Klimawandels auf die künstliche Grundwasseranreicherung

    HYDRA investigates possible…

  • CLOOP – Closing the Global Nutrient Loop

    Surface water protection due to efficient use of fertilisers

    Nutrients in conventional fertilisers are present in a highly water-soluble form. This…

  • CWPharma – Clear water from pharmaceuticals

    Reducing pharmaceutical emissions into the Baltic Sea catchment

    Emissions of pharmaceutical residues into the aquatic environment from the catchment…

  • MeReZon – Tertiary wastewater treatment with ozone

    Fast and reliable measurement and control engineering concepts

    Recent years have seen numerous studies and research projects to determine the…

  • UFOPLAN BaSaR – Construction and Renovation as a Source of Pollution

    Guidance for legal regulation and stakeholders

    Despite good water monitoring, there is only little knowledge about which…

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