Research Projects

  • Mitigation of Contaminants in Rural and Semi-rural Environments to Protect Drinking Water Resources (AQUISAFE-2)

    Performance analysis of selected mitigation systems used to attenuate diffuse agriculatural pollution occurring during baseflow and high flow events from agricultural fields

  • Monitoring and Impact Assessment of Combined Sewer Overflows (MIA-CSO)

    Development of a management tool with regard to the conceptual and investment planning of the Berlin combined sewer system

    Among urban discharges the…

  • Operation and Maintenance of Drinking Water Wells – Phase 2 (WELLMA-2)

    Optimisation of performance and water quality

    The capacity of drinking water wells, i.e. the yield for a given drawdown, is…

  • Oxidation and Infiltration for Optimised Substance Removal (OXIRED-1)

    Optimisation of organic compound removal in artificial recharge systems by redox control and enhanced oxidation – Phase 1

    Underground passage as utilised…

  • Pharmaceutical Residues in the Urban Water Cycle (IC Pharma)

    Comparison of locally detected concentrations with a range of international measurements and categorisation of pharmaceutical substances regarding their degradation potential on their pathway through the urban water cycle

  • Modeling and Impact Assessment of Combined Sewer Overflows (SAM-CSO)

    Analysis and simulation of pollutant and substance flows at combined sewer overflows and their impact on receiving waters by means of numerical modelling

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