• Do buildings pollute urban surface waters?

    Neues Projekt UFOPLAN BaSaR gestartet

    Can building façades and roofs affect the water quality of urban surface waters? The connection between contaminants in…

  • Tertiary treatment of wastewater with Ozone

    New project MeReZone focuses on fast and reliable measurement and control technologies for Ozone dosing

    Many studies and research projects of the last years…

  • Digitalisation in sewer systems

    Presentations (in German only) of the "Berliner Wasserwerkstatt"

    The 42th Berliner Wasserwerkstatt was organised together with the  CINIQ-Center of…

  • Pressemitteilung: Wieviel ist es uns wert, in Flüssen zu baden?

  • KWB Annual Report 2016 out now

    In the present annual report, we give an overview of our activities in the year 2016. This was not only a year of intensive work, but also the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the KWB. download

  • Pressemitteilung: Forschung für eine lebenswerte Stadt


  • WGIC Weltkongress Gebäudegrün 2017 in Berlin

    Mehrtägige Veranstaltungen rund um die Gebäudebegrünung vom 20. bis 22. Juni 2017 in Berlin15 Informationen

  • Stormwater management in urban areas

    Presentation of 19 urban ecology projects in Berlin Ecologic city map

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