• Annual Report 2019

    Research for liveable cities

    The weather events of the past year again demonstrated that climate change is in full swing. Even if we do our utmost to keep the greenhouse gas…

  • KWB Annual Report 2018

    We are very glad of this opportunity to provide you with our Annual Report which illustrates our activities over the past year. The focal point of our diverse activities in…

  • KWB Annual Report 2017

    We look back on a successful 2017 – once again a year in which many projects were successfully completed or continued. Our Annual Report gives you an insight into our…

  • KWB Annual Report 2016 out now

    In the present annual report, we give an overview of our activities in the year 2016. This was not only a year of intensive work, but also the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the KWB. download


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