Adaptation of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems to Cope with Climate Change (PREPARED)

Development of a decision support system for planning purposes in urban areas and adapted models for impact based CSO control

The PREPARED project was developed by a consortium of 35 partners (including 12 cities/utilities) to answer the EU call ENV.2009. “Adaptation of water supply and sanitation systems to cope with climate change” (Collaborative Project).

The project benefits from a strong utility/end-user driven definition of the overall research approach, and evolved from the WSSTP. The total financial costs of the 4 years project are 10.7 million Euro of which 7.0 million Euros is requested from the EC.

The overall objective of PREPARED is to combine knowledge, expertise and technology to develop and demonstrate innovative adaptive solutions to identified climate change impacts on water supply and sanitation systems.

KWB will be involved in project management, research & development in integrated water resource management and adaptation of sanitation systems to climate change impacts and the demonstration of adaptation solutions for water supply and sanitation systems.

Main deliverables of KWB will be:

  1. A decision support system for planning purposes in partially closed urban water cycles, where seasonal variation in surface water availability and portions of treatment plant effluents will impact source water quality.
  2. Adapted models integrated into a planning instrument for recipient/impact based CSO control under conditions of climate change.

Models and tools developed by the KWB will be demonstrated with BWB, which is also official partner of the project.


Selected publications produced in the PREPARED project are available here.


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More information

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    8 April 2014