AquaNes – Project meeting on 19 October 2017 at the Schönerlinde treatment plant near Berlin

Location of one of five demonstration plants in work package 3 of the European project AquaNes

AquanNes – Demonstration synergies in combined natural and engineered processes for water treatment systems

In work package 3 (headed by KWB), the combination of constructed wetlands with a range of technical upstream or downstream treatments for purifying wastewater will be demonstrated at five locations in Germany, Greece and Great Britain. At the demonstration plant in Schönerlinde near Berlin, the technical implementation for further treatment of wastewater with ozone in combination with downstream treatment of the ozonised discharge via constructed wetlands and technical quick filters will be studied. The goal is to remove trace substances via ozonation and to remove any by-products of the ozonation process with downstream constructed wetlands. The reduction of microbiological parameters will also be examined for this process combination.

The plants were commissioned at the beginning of the summer and are continuously monitored and sampled at regular intervals.

Eight project partners from Greece, Great Britain and Germany travelled to Berlin for the work package meeting, where they exchanged study results and worked together to determine the next steps.

The initial results from Schönerlinde show that in the constructed wetlands, the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) were reduced a further 25 per cent and 35 per cent respectively after ozoning. These findings support the assumption that the organic substances in the waste products created by ozoning can be biodegraded with greater efficiency and removed to a significant extent by downstream biological treatment.

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Experts from the institutions participating in work package 3 (BWB, AKUT, XYLEM, Erftverband, National Technical University Athens (GR), WatStech Ltd (UK), Cranfield University (UK), Municipality of Antiparos (GR), Municipal Authority for Water Supply and Sewage Santorini (GR) and Berlin Centre of Competence for Water viewing the constructed wetlands in containers on the grounds of the Schönerlinde sewage treatment plant.