Archive of all projects with start earlier than 2007.

  • Global Control of Sewage Pump Stations (EVA)

    Implementation of a decision support system for global control of sewage pump stations and analysis of advanced control concepts

    Context Within urban developm…

  • Combined Oxidative and Biological Treatment of Sewage Works Effluents (PILOTOX)

    Removal of trace organic compounds and enhanced disinfection

    The treated municipal wastewater may contain pathogenous…

  • Separate Collection of Iodinated X-ray Constrast Media in Hospitals (RKM)

    Feasibility study

    In Berlin’s water bodies, high concentrations of AOI have been detected resulting from the discharge of iodinated X-ray contrast media (RKM) which are used for X-ray examinations in both hospitals and medical offices. These substances are almost completely excreted within 24 hours via the patient’s urine. These polar, strongly hydrophilic and persistent substances are emitted via wastewater treatment plants into the surface waters where they have been detected already. Considering the…