Research Projects

Our research activities focus on key issues of sustainable management of water resources. Our activities contribute to improving the quality of life in cities.

The unit “Urban Systems” bundles all topics relating to the management of stormwater, wastewater and urban sewers. The “Process Innovation” unit addresses technical issues in the field of water and wastewater treatment. The unit “Groundwater” focuses to natural water treatment systems and well management.

Our projects are closely linked with topics which are relevant for the future and are particularly important for the development of Smart City Concepts: Energy efficiency, climate resilience, infrastructure, surface water protection, resources and digitisation. This way we help to integrate water as an essential component of public services into Smart City concepts.

Projects with start ealier than 2007 are available in the project-archive.

  • Development Potential of Toxic Nostocale Cyanobacteria in the Process of Reducing Trophication and Global Warming (NOSTOTOX)

    Developing recommendations for water management as well as decision aids for risk assessment in water supply

  • Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues from Hospital Wastewater (PharmaTreat)

    Treatment of urine with zero-valent iron to minimise the aquatic pollution with compounds emitted by hospitals

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