Research Projects

Our research activities focus on key issues of sustainable management of water resources. Our activities contribute to improving the quality of life in cities.

The unit “Urban Systems” bundles all topics relating to the management of stormwater, wastewater and urban sewers. The “Process Innovation” unit addresses technical issues in the field of water and wastewater treatment. The unit “Groundwater” focuses to natural water treatment systems and well management.

Our projects are closely linked with topics which are relevant for the future and are particularly important for the development of Smart City Concepts: Energy efficiency, climate resilience, infrastructure, surface water protection, resources and digitisation. This way we help to integrate water as an essential component of public services into Smart City concepts.

Projects with start ealier than 2007 are available in the project-archive.

  • Production of Modified Phosphate from Sewage Sludge Ash (R-Rhenania)

    In Bavaria, sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment is incinerated to a great extent. The large sewage sludge…

  • Cross-sectoral Energetic Use of Biomethane and Hydrogen from Sewage Treatment Plants (Green Gas)

    At Berlin’s sewage treatment plants, biogas is produced from sewage sludge which is used by…

  • Industry and Water-Utility Symbiosis for a Smarter Water Society (ULTIMATE)

    The new action plan of the European Commission – the green deal – aims to increase the sustainability of the European…

  • Development of digital solutions for the optimisation of membrane bioreactors (MBR 4.0)

    The use of digital technologies in the water industry is increasing. The project MBR4.0 is designed to…

  • Concepts for Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling from Sewage Sludge and Sewage Sludge Ash for Berlin and Surrounding Areas (bePhor)

    The new German Sewage Sludge Ordinance of 2017 obliges all operators…

  • Evaluation of the Treatment of Exhaust Air in the Aeration Tank (ABLUFT-2)

    Optimisation of exhaust air treatment and activation stage

    The exhaust air from aerated sand traps usually contains hydrogen…

  • Efficient Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycling in the European Agri-food System and Related Up- and Down-stream Processes to Mitigate Emissions (Circular Agronomics)

    Recycling of phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon

  • Implementation of Sponge City Concepts in China (KEYS)

    Smart Technologies for Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas as Key Contribution to Sponge Cities

    In cooperation with partners from China,…

  • Lidköping Innovation Wastewater Eco-Hub (LIWE)

    Large-scale implementation of tertiary treatment and phosphate recovery in Lidköping, Sweden

    The Lidköping Innovation Wastewater Eco-Hub (LIWE LIFE)…

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