Research Projects

Our research activities focus on key issues of sustainable management of water resources. Our activities contribute to improving the quality of life in cities.

The unit “Urban Systems” bundles all topics relating to the management of stormwater, wastewater and urban sewers. The “Process Innovation” unit addresses technical issues in the field of water and wastewater treatment. The unit “Groundwater” focuses to natural water treatment systems and well management.

Our projects are closely linked with topics which are relevant for the future and are particularly important for the development of Smart City Concepts: Energy efficiency, climate resilience, infrastructure, surface water protection, resources and digitisation. This way we help to integrate water as an essential component of public services into Smart City concepts.

Projects with start ealier than 2007 are available in the project-archive.

  • Circular Agronomics: Efficient Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycling in the European Agri-food System and related up- and down-stream processes to mitigate emissions

    Recycling of phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon

  • NextGen – Towards a Next Generation of Water Systems and Services for the Circular Economy

    Untersuchung von Wasserwiederverwendung, Nährstoffrückgewinnung und Energiegewinnung aus Abwasser

    In the project NextGen, innovative…

  • SEMA-Berlin 2 -Support of Sewer Inspection and Investment Strategies by means of Deterioration Models

    Advancement of selected model approaches for rapid and exact sewer condition prediction

    SEMA-Berlin enters the second…

  • Hydraulics of Artificial Groundwater Recharge under Changing Climatic Conditions in Berlin (HYDRA)

    Untersuchung der Folgen des Klimawandels auf die künstliche Grundwasseranreicherung

    HYDRA investigates possible…

  • CLOOP – Closing the Global Nutrient Loop

    Surface water protection due to efficient use of fertilisers

    Nutrients in conventional fertilisers are present in a highly water-soluble form. This…

  • CWPharma – Clear water from pharmaceuticals

    Reducing pharmaceutical emissions into the Baltic Sea catchment

    Emissions of pharmaceutical residues into the aquatic environment from the catchment…

  • MeReZon – Tertiary wastewater treatment with ozone

    Fast and reliable measurement and control engineering concepts

    Recent years have seen numerous studies and research projects to determine the…

  • UFOPLAN BaSaR – Construction and Renovation as a Source of Pollution

    Guidance for legal regulation and stakeholders

    Despite good water monitoring, there is only little knowledge about which…

  • REEF 2W – Creating Synergies Between Municipal Solid Waste and Wastewater Management

    Increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency

    The project REEF 2W, funded by the European Union in the…

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