Research Projects

  • FLUSSHYGIENE – Hygienically Relevant Microorganisms and Pathogens in Multifunctional Water Bodies and Hydrologic Circles

    Sustainable management of different types of water bodies in Germany

    Project Objectives The objective…

  • Strategies for the Continuous Monitoring of Flow Times (T-MON)

    Maintining natural water treatment without disinfection

    During routine operation, drinking water production in Berlin does not involve any…

  • HTC-Berlin – Potentials and Barriers of Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) in Berlin

    Examination of different Berlin sewage sludges in HTC lab trials and transfer of the results into a holistic energy and greenhouse gas balance

  • DEMOWARE – Towards Efficient Water Reuse in Europe

    Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector

    The DEMOWARE project’s main objective is to tackle…

  • UFO-WWV – Treated Wastewater in Agricultural Irrigation

    Development of guidelines for agricultural water reuse practices

    The UFO-WWV project is being realised within a research contract commissioned…

  • OgRe – Relevance of Trace Organic Substances in Berlin’s Stomwater Runoff

    Supporting Berlin's strategy related to the reduction of trace organic contaminants by describing a first set of locally relevant substances occurring in stormwater runoff and estimating their annual loads

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