Research Projects

  • Geological CO2 Storage and Other Emerging Subsurface Activities (COSMA)

    Supporting water utilities in identifying theoretical and realistic impacts arising from emerging subsurface activities

    In the course of climate change…

  • Optimisation of Sewage Sludge Dewatering in Municipal WWTPs (DECAMAX)

    Systematic analysis and assessment of several options for sludge dewatering optimisation through theoretical and practical investigations

  • Estate Drainage Schemes (GStEW)

    Survey on the legal framework linked with an analysis of the testing methods and restoration technologies applied in practice

    The production and leak testing of estate drainage schemes are subject to discussion in Berlin and throughout Germany. There is no consistency in practices and procedures with regard to official requirements for the leak testing and restoration of estate drainage schemes. In some cases, it is referred to DIN 1986-30. The project aims to get an overview on the legal frame conditions and the administrative procedures (deadlines, methods…

  • Risk Analysis of Microbial Contamination of Drinking Water Wells (RIKO)

    Determination of preventive measures

    A special feature of Berlin’s drinking water production system is the absence of…

  • Comparison of Different Process Combinations or Tertiary Wastewater Treatment for the Reduction of Surface Water Stress (IST4R)

    Integration of trace organic removal schemes into concepts for tertiary treatment

  • Anthropogenic Trace Organic Compounds and Pathogens in the Urban Water Cycle (ASKURIS)

    Evaluation, barriers and risk communication

    The climate change predictions for the Berlin-Brandenburg region for…

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