Research Projects

  • CARISMO – Carbon is Money: From Wastewater to Energy

    WWTPs to become net producers of renewable energy instead of net consumers of fossil energy

    Due to its potential of chemical energy (organic…

  • OPTIWELLS 1 – Optimisation of drinking water well operation

    Optimisation of drinking water well operation – energy savings and quality control (phase 1)

    With rising energy prices and global…

  • ANTIOCKER – Microbial Clogging in Technical Systems

    Correlation between the occurrence of microbial clogging and the hydrochemical and operational properties of drinking water wells

    The sub-project AntiOcker…

  • NITROLIMIT – Nitrogen Limitation in Freshwaters

    Is nitrogen reduction ecologically meaningful and economically feasible?

    Most inland waters in Germany will not meet the good ecological status…

  • ODOCO-Artnose – Evaluation of Electronic Noses for Sewer Odour Management

    Analysis and assessment of chemosensory measuring systems

    A decrease in specific water consumption causes a reduction in…

  • CoDiGreen – Optimisation of Energy and Nutrient Recovery in Wastewater Treatment Schemes

    Investigations on the energy efficiency optimisation of wastewater systems and on the lowering of their energy dependence on external energy sources

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