Naturnahe Trinkwassergewinnung in Indien

12. November 2010
Fachworkshop am 12. November 2010 in Dehli, gemeinsam organisiert
von FU Berlin und KWB

Expert workshop on 12 December 2010 in Dehli, Indi, jointly organsied by FU Berlin and KWB.

TECHNEAU, an integrated project funded by the European Commission, challenges the ability of traditional system and technology solutions for drinking water supply to cope with present and future global threats and opportunities. As a part of this research project the Freie Universität Berlin together with the Center of Competence for Water, Berlin.
(KWB) has been carrying out research on the relevance and potential of riverbank filtration for drinking water (pre-)treatment in developing and newly industrialized countries. New Delhi was selected as case study and field investigations, hydro- and geochemical analyses as well as detailed interpretation of these results was carried out at 3 test sites along the Yamuna river and Najafgarh drain. This workshop aims at presenting these results to the interested scientific community as well as decision makers from industry and authorities in order to initiate
discussions and define further research needs. In addition invited experts from IIT Roorkee and the Central Groundwater Board will be giving an overview of related research currently carried out in New Delhi and Northern India.
Invited speakers: Dr. R. Seth (Teri University), Mr. U. Podewils (Freie Universität
Berlin), Mr. P. Rousseau (Veolia Water India), Dr. G. Grützmacher (Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin), Mr. C. Sprenger (Freie Universität Berlin)