• Energy positive sewage treatment plants – A sustainable solution for climate protection in municipalities

    October 26, 2017 10:00am4:00pm

    Hotel Weiße Taube, Eisenbahnstraße 1, 04720 Döbeln

    The municipal wastewater in Europe contains an available chemical energy of about 87,500 GWh per year. This corresponds roughly to the capacity of 12 large power plants. Due to the currently used technologies and the associated energy loss in the individual process steps, sewage treatment in Europe instead consumes primary energy of more than two power plants. The use of the available chemical…

  • Synergies between solid waste and wastewater management

    INTERREG project REEF 2W has started

    The project REEF 2W faces the development and implementation of solutions for increasing energy efficiency…

  • Recovery of cellulose and biopolymer from wastewater

    Pilot plant in EU project SMART-Plant just started

    Municipal wastewater contains valuable substances such as organic matter, nutrients, and…

Research Projects

  • CWPharma – clear water from pharmaceuticals

    Reducing pharmaceutical emissions into the Baltic Sea region

    Emissions of pharmaceutical residues into the aquatic environment from the catchment area…

  • UFOPLAN BaSaR – Construction and renovation as source for pollution

    Construction and renovation as source for pollution in the urban environment: guidance for regulation and stakeholders

    Despite good water monitoring,…

  • REEF 2W – Increased renewable energy and energy efficiency by integrating, combining and empowering urban wastewater and organic waste management systems

    European project will generate synergies between solid waste and wastewater management

  • FAKIN – Research Data Management

    Research data management for small research facilities

    Research data management comprises all activities related to the processing, storage, archiving and…

  • E-VENT – Less energy consumption and CO2 emissions of WTTPs

    Evaluation of process options for the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of Berlin sewage treatment plants (E-VENT)

  • nurec4org – Nutrient recylates for organic farming

    Nutrient recyclates for organic farming

    The aim of organic farming is to minimise the consumption of finite resources and to concentrate on…

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